Finding that unusual gift ...

My wife seemed to like it.

Her birthday was Wednesday, and I wanted to do something a bit different. I had read some time ago about a company that would let you customize wine labels. Fortunately, I actually remembered when it was time.

I found the website for Windsor Vineyards, which sells a variety of wines, and checked it out. You order the wine and they allow you to design a custom label for free.

But then it came time to think about what to put on the label. A picture? Which one?

And then I came upon the perfect answer. 

As I browsed some old images from her family history, I remembered the Orsis used to have a winery and a saloon. Perfect. In the end, I chose three different types of wine with three distinct labels, one of the saloon, one from the winery and one with the family crest.

In all, a big hit.