A night with Unelectable You

Unelectable You

For good or for bad, our kids have followed the election season closely. Sunday night, we took them to the Straz Center to see Unelectable You, a collaboration between Second City and Slate magazine.

The show combines sketches and improv to spoof the election. Despite some risque material, we and the kids (17 and 14) enjoyed the show.

The funniest part may have been an improv bit with audience member David, who they promoted for president since the existing choices are distasteful to so many. When they told David to throw a hammer used as a prop away, he winged it off stage in a way that startled the cast, one member hurrying off to retrieve it.

The songs and scenes clearly are updated to remain topical since they included a Hillary Clinton fainting scene, and the actors were quick to incorporate audience suggestions, including St. Petersburg's sewage spill.

In all, it made for a fine evening with the family.

Mike StephensonComment