The first week ...

One day I wore one black shoe and one brown.

Starting in a new workplace for the first time in nearly a quarter century is challenging. I don't recommend doing it when you have the worst cold you can remember. A hacking cough isn't the first impression I had mapped out in my head.

But a week in to my new job as Editorial Manager at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, things are going well. I know my JHED password and where the OCC is. I know the basics of Connect and WorkFront and that KRONOS and SAP are not my priorities just yet. I've completed eight of the nine inservice courses I'm required to do in the first 10 days, and I can see the helicopter take off and land from my office.

Signing up to give a bit of each paycheck to the Foundation got me some good swag: two T-shirts, an umbrella and more.

Despite my cough, people seem excited to have me there and eager to help me find my way. Maybe I scored points by hanging back so they could get a crack at the doughnuts before I got near them.

There's much to learn, many relationships to form and plenty of work to be done. But so far, so good.

And the shoes?

I don't think anyone noticed.