Stories I tell, Bob Knight, a shotgun and me

Bob Knight is in the news again.

Referring to the Indiana University administrators who fired him in 2000, Knight told radio host Dan Patrick Friday, “I hope they’re all dead.”

This didn't surprise me. Knight long has been an inconsiderate hypocrite and his bitterness isn't aging well. He hasn't been back to IU since he was fired even though the school president who fired him, Myles Brand, is in fact dead.

I was a student at IU in the late 1980s when Knight still ruled in a virtually untouchable way. Despite professing to be an educator, he didn't talk to the student newspaper. He had been suspended for a game in 1985 after infamously throwing a chair across the court during a game.

So one day, I was walking through the Assembly Hall lobby after an interview with the athletic director. Across the lobby, I see Knight, an avid hunter, with a shotgun. The headline that flashed through my head?

Knight shoots student reporter, gets one-game suspension