No surprise, Dad's weird

We took the kids to Bern's Steakhouse last month for Jennifer's birthday, and I confirmed once again that Dad is weird.

As we were discussing what wine to order, I whipped out my notes from "Bern's visits." Jennifer and I have been going to Bern's around Valentine's Day since the early 1990s, even before we were married.

For a while, I just kept the receipts to refresh my memory, so I know what wine we ordered in 1997 (1993 Clos du Mousse Domaine du Chateau du Beaune Premier Cru) and what we spent.

In 2005, I began keeping more detailed notes, and in 2011, I started recording our server's name and the response to one of my annual questions: Who are the most famous people you have served? (2011: Tony responded with Jimmy Buffett and Pele.)

Derek Jeter has popped up a few times on the most famous lists, but sometimes you'll get a Tom Bosley or Angie Dickinson. Lee N. reported last month that Cindy McCain was quite nice four years ago when the Republican National Convention was in town.

Unfortunately, I didn't record which year a server told us about a former governor who usually came in through an obscure side entrance, unless it was an election year.

Then, he came in the front and right through the dining room.