Email? I've got your number

I've been spending a good amount of time lately learning about email marketing.

I started volunteering as a content writer for the American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay blog. I was assigned to write on a marketing topic for the end of November and chose email marketing because it didn't appear as if AMA Tampa Bay had addressed the topic for a while, and the recent speakers at our luncheons had been more focused on  social media.

I did a good amount of research for the blog post and also took a five-hour online course to be certified in email marketing from HubSpot Academy and wrote something on that for LinkedIn. I won't cover the same ground here since you can follow the links if you're interested, but I will post a few interesting numbers:

2.4 million Emails a second flying around cyberspace worldwide

$38 Return on investment for each dollar spent on email marketing

74 Times per day the average person checks email

6 Times more likely a person is to click through a link in email over a link in Twitter

5 Times more likely a person is to see an email than a Facebook post

4 Percent of companies that rate their email performance as excellent